Updates Around the Apartment

Since we have decided that we will be staying at this apartment another year, we thought we should make it a little more to our liking. Matt and I repainted the kitchen a few weeks ago and we repainted the bathroom when my aunts came last weekend. I didn't take any before pictures, sorry! Just know that it was bad.

Bathroom - We did not have ANY storage before hand, I even had some bathroom stuff still in a suitcase from when we moved in a year ago! My mom brought us a shelf unit which saved my life, or at least my sanity! We didn't have a toilet paper holder, hand towel holder or trash can and the walls were too dark of a red. Needless to say, I love my new bathroom!

Kitchen - was an ugly moldy green color which made the room look tiny and dank. There was no counter space, outlets or lighting. The new color really opens it up, plus we moved the microwave and dish-rack off of the counter. It looks much bigger and brighter!
Back deck/balcony - added a table (a cute antique-y looking one) and a couple chairs, planted some ivy for the lattice, and hung some flower boxes (they were a little droopy from the rain, so I didn't get a pic).


Mom kathy said...

I can tell that you worked very hard! It looks great! I love the kitchen!

Maria said...

It looks awesome, Linds. The bathroom has a very neat, clean feel to it. I'm partial to the kitchen because I painted one kitchen that exact color and it has been my favorite ever since. The porch looks like the perfect place for sitting out and visiting. Great work!