14 Weeks

Maddox is 14 weeks old today!

 Since my 13 week post was just a couple days ago, not too much has changed.
*He is able to bare some weight on his legs now.
*Still LOVES sitting up. Always trying to sit up whenever he is reclined (especially during bath time).
*When we practice rolling over, he really gets it, and tries to roll over on his own. Not quite strong enough yet, maybe in another month.
*He is losing the hair on the back of his head (from constant rubbing when he is on his back), and has quite a pronounced bald spot. It's sad. 
* "Sings" along with me when I sing to him.
*He has been sleeping 8+ hours straight this week, sometimes he will make the whole night (11 hours)!
 Here are some extra pictures from this week:

Look at that sweet face!

 Lookin' handsome in my button down and corduroys!

The sweetest little Bubba in the world.


Gramma Lark said...

Awwww! LOVE that boy!

Anonymous said...

He is sooo handsome! Love you, Grandma Kathy