13 Weeks and 3 months

Maddox hit the 3 month mark this past week, as well as 13 weeks.
One of the most cliche' things you here before becoming a parent is how fast the time goes. It is so true! It has been a mere 3 months, but my pregnancy seems like a lifetime ago. It's hard to remember our life without Maddox. He has become such an important piece of our puzzle.
Here are his newest developments:
*He can really support himself on his tummy now. He hold his head and shoulders up with his arms like a big boy. Whenever he is on his tummy, his head pops right up, just like a little turtle.
*He is continuing to reach towards objects in front if his face, but now he is starting to grab them! 
*Still sleeping 6-7 hours strait at night, occasionally 8 or more!
*Loving his Bumbo!
Here are just a few more snippets from the past week:


Anonymous said...

he is really growing, I check the blog each week to see what you have added, today's are the best. love u guys.

Grandma Kathy said...

It's amazing how much he has changed in the last week! He is very photogenic! A handsome boy! We love you all.