Madman's First Easter

We didn't really do too much to celebrate, Maddox is still too young to enjoy any of the typical Easter festivities,but we are looking forward to next year when he can do an Easter Egg hunt.
We did go to the Easter service at church, Maddox stayed awake for almost the entire time. He loved looking around at all the people and lights (we sit in the balcony, so he has a good vantage point). He also liked the choir music, and was especially enthralled when the choir and congregation sang the Hallelujah Chorus. We can't wait for Maddox to reach an age where he is excited for special holidays, and we can really begin our own family traditions.

On the way home from Church, in his hedgehog shirt.

He got an Easter basket with a few new toys, which he loves!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lindesy Matt and Maddox. Sounds like you had a great Easter even though not the usual. We missed you! Maddox is growing so fast and as adorable as ever. Lots of Love, Lynette