Second Midwife Visit

Last night we met another midwife at the West Suburban Midwife Association, her name is Gayle. Cynthia was nice, but brand new to the industry and not as experienced as I would like. Gayle has been a midwife fore 23 years and is one of the owners of the practice. She was very nice, and definitely knew what she was talking about. We still have one other midwife to meet. Whomever is on call when I go into labor will be the one to attend the delivery. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Gayle!
Last night's check-up: Baby is definitely head down. She estimated him to be around 5 pounds with a birthweight of around 7 pounds. We will take him in any size, but Matt and I still think he will be a little bigger than that (in the 8 pound range). My weight is holding steady for now, I haven't really gained any weight the past few weeks. I measured at 35 cm, which is right on target for 35 weeks (in general you should be a cm for every week along you are). His heartbeat was good. While listening to the heartbeat she asked if we were having a boy because his heartbeat "sounded like a boy". It was in the 130's as usual. I also did the Group B Strep test last night. We will find out the results at our next exam. Group B Strep is a bacteria that is commonly found in women. It is perfectly normal and does not present a problem for the woman, however it can sometimes make babies sick. If it were to come back positive, all it would mean is that I would have to be on antibiotics during labor and delivery to protect Baby Maddox. But hopefully it won't be an issue!
Our next appointment is a week from tomorrow. That day we will be going over our birth plan (our expectations for the birth day) and discuss things like medication, induction, water birthing, procedures, when to call the midwives, when to go to the hospital, Matt's role in the labor process etc. So that should be exciting!

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