Baby's Room

We finally have an almost complete "nursery" for Baby Maddox! Unfortunately, I just found out today that our crib, which we were supposed to get this week, is on backorder until the end of December. Major bummer, however, they are giving us a bassinet for free to compensate for the delay. So it works out pretty well. I was planning on having the baby in our room the first few weeks or so anyways.
Matt's parents came this weekend. It is always nice to have visitors, but we especially love getting to spend some time with family. The big project for the weekend was painting! I chose to do just one color. We aren't sure how long we will be living here, and I didn't want to do something elaborate if we end up moving in June. But the entire room is finally done (minus the crib), and looks beautiful! I didn't even have to lift a finger!

The corner where the crib will go

Dresser painted by Grandma Lark
Lamp and matching frame I made
The baby's room doubles as our guest room!
Changing table from my Grandma and Grandpa
(and laundry basket)

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