38 Weeks and Counting Down the Days!

We are less than two weeks away from our due date, and growing more anxious by the day! I am feeling pretty good, having several very mild contractions a day, and trying vigorously to make our home feel cozy enough to welcome baby Maddox.
Today I moved the bassinet into our bedroom (where he will sleep for the first month or so) so that the dogs would be accustomed to it by the time Maddox arrives. I also ordered a dog bed for each of the dogs as a Christmas present for them, as well as for Matt and I. Currently, they both sleep on the bed with us, which makes things very crowded! We have been leary of kicking them off the bed since we have hardwood floors, but definitely won't feel guilty if they have their own beds to sleep on. Hopefully we will get those this week, so they can get used to the idea of sleeping on the floor.
The apartment is clean, our freezer is stocked, we made arrangements for the dogs while we are at the hospital, and I am mostly done Christmas shopping! I am finally feeling ready, and eager for him to come! The past few days we have had a couple signs telling us that labor is growing closer! (I think providing the details might be T.M.I. - too much information) So I am thinking he will definitely be here by the 13th, and maybe even a couple days sooner! Fingers crossed!


Tara said...

You are so close Lindsey! I can't wait! Less than 2 weeks. I bet you are pretty anxious. Hope things go well! Love you!

MOM said...

WHAT!!!! What are these signs?....you can tell me, I'm your mother:)....CALL ME!