39 Weeks

We are finally on our last week! We won't go past 2 weeks overdue without beind induced, but hopefully Maddox doesn't decide to come much past his due date. I could not take another 3 weeks of anticipation!

Signs of Labor:
I have been having contractions (Braxton Hicks) every twenty minutes to half an hour or so since Monday, especially in the evenings. Last night I was having them every 10 - 15 minutes. Yesterday and today I have been feeling a lot more pressure, so I think he might be completely dropped. I have been having a little more indigestion this past week as well, so I am hoping with all my might that he makes his appearance this week!

I am still feeling pretty good. Occassional achiness and crampiness, and it has finally become difficult to get comfortable at night. Other than that, no complaints! I don't mind being pregnant, I am actually still enjoying it. Its the anticipation of meeting our baby that is driving me nuts. No one tells you how hard it is to wait for the baby to arrive! I told Matt, it's like telling a little child "Christmas is coming sometime in the next three weeks, but I won't tell you when!" And every day when the kids asks "Is it today?" You can only answer "I won't tell, you will just have to wait and see!"

How far along: 39 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 25 Pounds
Stretchmarks: Nada!
Sleep: Decent, when I can get comfortable. Rolling over is nearly impossible!
Best Moment This Week: Met with the midwives. Blood pressure is good, weight gain is good, heart beat is good! We also got all of our baby medical bills paid, so that feels really good!
Movement: Good. He has actually been a lot more active the past couple days. I think he is ready to come out too!
What I am Looking Forward to: Meeting little Maddox! If he doesn't come this week, we also have a tour of the hospital and another midwife visit to look forward to.
Milestones: We are officially "full term".

These were taken today at 39 weeks.

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Kyle and Jamie said...

Definitely looks like a little basketball! Can't wait to hear the news of his arrival!