Matt's Birthday

Matt is officially 24! We both had to work all day, so unfortunately we didn't really get to do too much celebrating. But I did make him a card and hid it (along with some candy) in his backpack so he would see it when he got to work, which he did. I baked him a cake while I was working (during naptime). Vera helped put sprinkles on it, which she was very excited about. She even made him a birthday card.

We had been planning on going out to eat at a Chinese restaurant that night to celebrate, but when we got to the truck, we weren't able to go anywhere. Turns out we have a broken tie rod, so one of the front wheels wouldn't rotate at all. We tried unseccessfully for 10 minutes to get out of a parallel parking spot before giving up. We have an appoinement to get it fixed Tuesday this week. Needless to say, we ordered delivery.

I got Matt some new dress shirts for work (since he seems to rotate through the few he has pretty quickly). He wore one of them on Friday and everyone noticed that he had a new shirt. I also got him a new belt, which he really needed, and a new pair of jeans, he only had one pair. So nothing fancy, mostly just practical stuff. He seemed to like it all, but he is pretty easy to please. He got alot of birthday cards and phone calls, which I know he really appreciated. He especially liked a card that Jasper and Cougar made for him.

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Kathy said...

What a nice cake! Lindsey you are so creative. What a lucky baby your little one will be to have parents like you. Sounds like a nice day except the Durango. Wish we could have helped you celebrate. Anxious to see you both. Love, Mom Becker