Latest Doctor's Visit and 31 weeks!

Friday I had my 30 week appointment. I saw Dr. Feldstein, he was my first of four doctors that I have to see over the next few appointments. He was alright, but I definately prefer Dr. Friedell! Not too much to report, but he did said that everything was looking normal and "O.B. wise" I was perfect. I will see another doctor in two more weeks.
In other news, we are finally under the 10 week mark! We are in the single digits, only 9 weeks to go! Here is an update from this week:

How far along: 31 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 18 pounds
Stretchmarks: No siree!
Sleep: Ok. A few minor frustrations, but still decent.
Best Moment This Week: Finally got a dresser for tha baby's room! Grandma Lark painted it white with blue drawers for us, it turned out really cute! I will post pictures of the completed baby's room in a few weeks.
Movement: Good, but he is definately running out of space.
Belly Button: Gone.
What I am Looking Forward to: 3d Ultrasound this weekend! We are so excited and can't wait to get a sneak peak at the little monkey! I will definately post pictures as soon as we get home from our appointment on Saturday.
Milestones: Baby Boy should be about 4 pounds now and pretty close to his birth length, maybe another inch or two to grow (Matt was 22 1/2" when he was born!). I am pretty sure he is close to being in a head down position, I always feel hiccups in the lower part of my abdomen, so he is getting ready for his big day!

Here is a picture that shows how much room he takes up now.


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Jamie said...

Can't wait to see pics of your ultrasound! Hopefully the baby is still a boy, just kidding!!