30 Weeks Down, Only 10 to Go!

How far along: 30 Weeks! We are finally out of the 20's and into the 30's!
Total Weight Gain: 16 pounds.
Stretchmarks: Nope!
Sleep: Getting a little harder to stay comfortable. My hips get sore when I lay on my side and I definately toss and turn a lot.
Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain in my ribs. It was not pleasant. Matt thought we should go to the hospital, but I didn't think it was bad enough for that. Never really figured out what it was, just blamed it on my growing tummy, squished organs, and maybe the baby's position. Took some tylenol and that seemed to ease the pain enough to sleep.
Best Moment This Week: Matt has been giving me foot rubs lately. Very appreciated!
Movement: Good, but he is getting lazier! I don't feel kicks very often anymore, mostly just him moving and changing postions and hiccups pretty much every day.
Labor Signs: None yet. He plans on staying put a couple months longer!
Belly Button: Flat, but does stick out when I flex my tummy muscles (to sit up or laugh etc).
What I Miss: Living without pain. The list of uncomfortable things seems to be growing each week, I can't believe that I have 10 more weeks of it getting worse! Back pain, ankle pain after a lot of walking, heartburn, that rib pain. But it really isn't too bad most of the time!
What I am Looking Forward to: We have a doctor's appointment this week, and then we are going home to Iowa for the weekend!
Milestones: Little baby boy is closing in on 18 inches and just over 3 pounds! He really won't get too much longer, but hopefully another 5-6 pounds of chubbiness! I predicted a 9 pound baby, so he has a little ways to go over the next several weeks.

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