October Festivities

This week (Thursday) is Matt's 24th birthday! What a great way to start off an eventful month. Other than that, we don't have any major plans for this weekend. Probably just hang around the apartment and catch up on laundry etc. BUT the next weekend (the 9th - 11th) we are coming back to Iowa! I have that Friday off, and Matt can usually always get a Friday afternoon off, so we thought it would be fun to make an extra trip back home! The following weekend, on the 17th, we have our 3D ultrasound. The weekend after that (23rd - 25th) we will be back in Iowa for the baby shower! AND the weekend after that, Matt's parents will be here to help paint the baby's room!
Plus, sprinkled in the mix are Allie and Adam's birthdays, 2 doctor's appointments, the arrival of our crib, painting the baby's dresser with my mom, Halloween, the release of a new backstreet Boys album (yay!), and a movie (The Road) that we have been waiting over a year to see!
So October is going to be an exciting month! We have a lot to look forward to. After all of that excitement is over, we will only be 6 weeks away! October is really going to fly by. If only I could make it through the next 9 days . . .

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Jamie said...

Enjoy your October time!! We still need to figure out a time to get together...maybe after your baby comes we can have a little play date!