Tummy Movement

I attempted to make a quick little video of the small movements I have been able to capture on video this week. There are just a bunch of little clips, whenever I turn on the camera the baby seems to get a little shy, so I haven't been able to record a continous session of movement. I am planning on doing another video in a few weeks when he is a little bigger, but this is the best I could get for now. I also had to take the sound out of the video, otherwise it would have been full of Matt talking/shouting during football games and dogs barking. Hope you enjoy the music, it's from a song called "Breathe Me" by Sia. P.S. Watch for Cougar's cameo!


mom osborn said...

What a cool video. That was such fun to watch. You're so creative. Mom

Adam Becker said...

Wow! That was intense! I enjoyed that a lot lol I wish there was a "like" button because I like it. It's amazing to think that's him, and the first thing I'm going to teach him is to throw sticks in front of people using roller blades hahaha!