Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

We are so excited to be having a boy! Although I would have been excited and happy no matter what the gender of our baby was, I was secretly hoping for a little boy. I have always wanted a little boy first and Matt is excited to have a little guy to play catch with.

The only drawback with having a boy is that we have no names that we asolutely love, which we did have for a girl. I have a couple names in mind that Matt would need some convincing in order to use. So if you have any suggestions feel free to throw them our way! The name has to sound good with "Fred" and "Becker", as his name will be ______ Fred Becker. Matt is the 5th(ish) generation of Becker sons with the middle name Fred, so I can't discontinue that tradition.

We will, however, be keeping the name a secret until the baby is here! And we are firm on that one.


Anonymous said...

How about the name Herbert....Herbie Fred is adorable...Or what about Quincy Fred....Or here's a thought...Frederick...Little Fred Fred. That definitely has possibitlities. Love...Mom

Jamie said...

Love your mom's idea...I agree with the Fred Fred one!

Some of the names that were on our list: Grant, Graham, Clark, Elliot, and Noah. Unfortunately I am not going to share our final decision (not listed of course!).

There are some fun street names in Chicago...that is where we got Clark (the street that we lived on), Logan, Harrison, Jackson, etc.


Anonymous said...

grandpa says eli fred, I like Michael Fred Becker, Love grandma