Doctor's Appointment at 21 Weeks, 2 Days

We had another appointment today! Little Baby Boy Becker is growing right on track. Although Mommy was down a half a pound since my last appointment. Dr Friedell requested to see some weight gain at the next appointment, so I guess I need to be eating a little more or something. He also commented that I had definately "popped" since last time he saw me, so I guess I am starting to look a little bit pregnant. But people still tell me that I don't look it. I bet they will be singing a different tune in 15 more weeks!

Junior's heart rate was 153, so about the same as last time (154). Which, according to old wives' tales, is the heart rate of a little girl, so I guess he proved them wrong! We declined to do the blood test for down's syndrome and spina bifida. We figured 1)The risks are pretty minimal for either of those 2)There isn't a history of either condition in our families and 3)We would not "terminate" the pregnancy regardless of the outcome.

Also at the appointment Dr Friedell asked me if I was planning on getting an epidural. Which I am not. I am pretty opposed to the idea. It can majorly slow down labor as well as cause the fetal heartrate to lower which could result in a cesarean section that wouldn't have been performed otherwise. Plus I feel like I have a higher pain tolerance than lots of women that I know. Although I know it will be a challenge both physically and mentally, I do feel prepared to take it on. I am sure there will be points where I want the drugs, but I am relying on Matt to remind me why I made the decision in the first place! Anyways, Dr Friedell seemed to think that epidurals are the best way to go, but said that he would support either option.

Overall, it went very well. My next appointment is September 2nd. At that one I will be doing a glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. Keep your fingers crossed that it turns out well!

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