My New Job

I just accepted a new postion as a nanny for a family here in Chicago. The mother, Ann, is actually the sister to the mom of my previous family back in Ames, whom I spent a year and a half with. So I came pretty highly reccomended from her!
The new family lives about a mile down the road, I will be able to walk to work, until I get too pregnant or the weather is too bad. Ann is a high-risk obstetrician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, so I will definately have a good reference if I have any problems or concerns! She is currently on maternity leave, but goes back to work in September. I will start the last week of August and work as long as I am able to. There is a possibility of continuing the position after the baby is born if I want, but that is unlikely.
They have two children, Vera is 2 years and Kate is 3 months. I will be working 4 days a week from 7:30 am to 6pm, with Wednesdays off.
It sounds like it should work out great and will be the perfect way to bring in a little extra money for baby stuff, which is a big bonus. :)


Jamie said...

yea for getting a nanny job, I heard they are really hard to come by in the city so having connections is always great!

You are going to find out the gender soon, hopefully he/she cooperates!!

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Matt and Lindsey said...

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