19 Weeks

How far along: 19 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Gained a pound.

Sleep: Good.

Latest Symptoms: Feeling more energetic finally. But still need to eat every couple hours or else I start getting a little dizzy.

Best moment this week: All the movement, and actually looking pregnant! Matt can finally tell.

Movement: Little baby Becker kicks about 20 times a day, usually in a spurt of 6-10 kicks at a time. I can also feel other movements as well, little flutters occasionally, and what feels like a rolling motion. Matt can't quite feel them yet, maybe another week or two!

Food cravings: Ice cream is always good, and I have been eating a LOT of peanut butter and jelly.

Gender: Unknown.

What I am looking forward to: Being halfway done! Only one more week!

Milestones: The little monkey is about 10 inches long (including the legs) and it can hear things now!

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