20 Weeks!!!

I can't believe I am halfway done already! The days go by slowly, but the weeks seem to just fly by! We have had so many visitors since we moved, it really helps the time go by quickly, and gives us something to look forward to! We have an ultrasound this week, I can't wait to see some new images of the baby. Hopefully its cooking the way it should! Our next doctor visit is next week, so we should have some more to report.
How far along: 20 weeks!!!

Total weight gain/loss: I have gained two pounds.

Sleep: Good.

Best moment this week: We took a trip to Babies are us to look at cribs and strollers, just to get a feel for what we like. We didn't want to go home empty-handed so we came home with a Boppy Pillow (pictured) which is used for support while feeding, as well as a support for baby when sitting or laying on the floor.

Movement: Yes! At really regular intervals. Some days are quieter than others. Matt has finally been able to feel the movements! Not all of them, just the really strong ones!

Food cravings: None really.

Gender: Unknown.
What I am looking forward to: We find out on Thursday what the gender of the baby is! YAY!

Milestones: The baby has sleep and awake patterns similar to that of a newborn now. So it spends most of the day sleeping! The baby is about 11 inches long, and weighs about 12 ounces. So definately getting bigger!

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