First Doctor's Appointment

I had my first appointment 2 weeks ago. My official due date is December 13th, which will be Matt and I's 1 year anniversary. Most babies aren't born on their due date, but it is funny how it worked out like that. I also learned that I was almost a week farther along than I had thought, which was exciting! We got our first ultrasound, which really made this feel more "real" than before. It was really neat to see the tiny little baby in there. All my bloodwork came back normal, and I found out that my blood type is O+. The next appointment is July 2nd, and we will get to hear the heartbeat.
My doctor here in Chicago is Dr Stanley Friedell through the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. His office is about 5 miles away from our apartment on Lake Shore Drive. He has been in the field over 20 years and even started the clinic where he works. He has delivered lots and lots of babies and is very knowledgeable and very nice. I immediately felt very comfortable with him. Plus he almost always delivers every one of his patients, even if he isn't on call. So thats great!

12 Weeks, side view
12 Weeks, front view

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