Leaving Iowa

We finally found an apartment after a lot of searching! It is located on the north side of Chicago, about 5 miles from the Loop. Just north of Lakeview in a small neighborhood called Buena Park. 2 blocks from the lake! 2 bedrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. It has a lot of character, plus we are allowed to paint, so I can't wait to make it our own!
We are moving this Monday, Matt starts his new job on June 1st, so that gives us about a week to get settled in the new place and get to know our area a little bit! There is a dog beach a few blocks away, so that will be a lot of fun this summer.
After we get unpacked I will be looking for some sort of employment, but not sure where yet!
I am both excited and sad to be leaving Iowa, I will miss the wide open spaces and green fields, and I will definately miss our family and friends. But we are so excited for all the new opportunities that city life has to offer!

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