Mason Gets a Trim

II have snipped masons hair once or twice before, just to keep it tamed. But yesterday I finally have him a full out haircut. 

When he was a wee little bug, he was bald. Nothing but fuzz. And I loved it. I told Matt that as much as I love Maddox's thick, golden tresses, I loved Masons bald head. He has a great face for the no-hair look, with the chubby cheeks and smiling, squinty eyes. And I vowed that I would go in another direction with his hair style. I would always keep it short, as a reminder I my bald headed boy.

But as his hair grew in, I became reluctant I cut it. Those two long, golden haired boys looked so cute together. I started to like his longer locks. So I let them grow. Unsure what style to choose for him. Until one day when I was looking at his baby pictures, and remembering that bald headed cherub. So I decided to trim it. And trim it I did. I think he looks older, but I love the all-access pass to his face, and the uninterrupted view of his forehead wrinkles when he is angry or feeling mischievous.

At first I was a little sad, he lost a lot of hair. But I got over it pretty quick when I saw how cute he looked. He is going to be a heartbreaker for sure. 

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