Matt has worked over 70 hours each of the past two weeks. Last night he wasn't home until after midnight, and tonight will probably be even later. I have felt very much like a single mom for the past couple of weeks and it has been tough.

I have had a hard time with being patient and kind towards Maddox in moments when he is really testing me. I need to give him more grace.

Mason is in to Ev-uh-ry-thing. Litterally. Fireplace. Cabinets. Dog food. Dishwasher. Dumping books, toys, clothes. I can hardly keep up.

I feel like I am so wiped out from keeping up with Maddox's tantrums and Mason's messes that I don't even bother with most household chores.

Do I sound like I am all over the place? Cause I feel like it.

Apart from the stresses of the past two weeks, we have kept busy going to the park, chasing ducks . . .

digging in the sand,

and playing in the sand for the first time,

playing with friends . . .

 Maddox and Gavin.

 The Becker boys with the Gerdel boys. Israel and Isaac.
and touching their hair . . .

Maddox loves Isaac. And his hair.
 and giving lots of hugs.

Gavin is Maddox's bestie. They are tighter than Mario and Luigi. They are so funny (funny=troublesome) together.

Mason has also gotten two more teeth (that's 6 now!) and taken a few steps.

Maddox just got a hair cut.

I am training for my first 5k in a couple of weeks and doing my first spin class tomorrow morning. I also started a blog for my growing photography portfolio. Check it out!

Matt is taking Monday off to rest from his exhausting week, so I am really looking forward to some family time this weekend.

And that's about it for now!

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