6 Months Old

 This little guy . . .

 . . . is 6 months old. Well, really it's more like 6 and a half. But you get the idea.

How can half of his first year already have gone by? My goodness, it goes so fast the second time around. He is doing so much right now, and I am loving every minute of it!

At his 6 month check-up, he weighed 19lbs (75th-90th percentile)
and he was 27in tall (90th percentile).

He is sleeping through the night (and has been for about a month now!).

His two bottom teeth are fully in, and the top ones will be making an appearance soon!

He is into everything! He is no longer interested in his baby toys. He only wants whatever items are off limits, or whatever Maddox has. Which Maddox doesn't particularly enjoy. He especially loves Mommy's phone. And camera lens' covers.

He has become a very mobile baby.

He can push himself up into an almost sitting position.

And get back down onto his tummy again.

He absolutely loves his feet. He finds them whether he is laying down or sitting up. 

He has also started blowing raspberries. 

And, as of yesterday, he is officially a crawler!

 Which thrills him to no end.

It makes it easier for him to keep up with big brother, steal his toys, and eat dog food. 

Just kidding. He isn't quite at the eating-dog-food phase yet. But if he is anything like our first born, that will come soon enough.

He can even do this tricky little maneuver. Planking for Uncle Adam.

Don't be fooled, he actually enjoys this exercise and did it all on his very own. But it was getting close to nap time. And I had taken lots of pictures of him already.

He is nursing about six times a day and is eating two solid meals a day. I just puree whatever foods I already have on hand, adding breastmilk if it's too thick. Today, for example, he has eaten an avocado-cantaloupe-banana medley. Which he loved. I use avocados as a base in a lot of his foods. They are full of healthy fats which aide in brain development. Just FYI. I also like to do fruit and veggie mixes. Fruit makes the veggies a little more palatable for his infantile preferences. Likes peas and pears or sweet potatoes and peaches. Okay, I haven't tried that last one yet, but I think it would be a good combo. So far, the only thing he hasn't really cared for is acorn squash.

He absolutely LOVES the alphabet song and the Little Green Frog song. He cracks up whenever he hears those familiar tunes. I sang them repeatedly while snapping these pictures. Worked like a charm.

Mason is such. a. joy. I love him to pieces. He still melts my heart every single day. From his big ol' grin, to his still bald little head, to his throaty little voice. I adore every one of those 312 ounces (he has gained half a pound since his check-up!).

 I love you so much little boy. Yesterday, today, and all the tomorrows to come.

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Grandma Kathy said...

Mason you are such a sweet boy! Congratulations on the crawling little guy! You were so close this weekend!
Love you lots.....