Mason has teeth.

Yes, teeth. Plural.

Both of his front, bottom teeth have come. I suspected they were getting close. He has been a little cranky, though really not much, and his gums were white from where the teeth were pushing through.

Thursday night he was awake more than usual, and Friday morning there they were. Two little nubs.

Maddox's first tooth came at 6 months exactly. Mason's teeth came almost a week before the 6 month mark. I am taking it as a sign that other early milestones will follow.

Big brother was excited too!

I'll admit, I was a little reluctant to see that gummy smile go. It's another reminder that my baby won't stay a baby. It's his first step towards becoming a big boy. But we were all excited for him. And his toothy grin is pretty cute, too.

A congratulatory hug for baby brother.

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