We Love You Gramma Lark!

My mom was here all last week. 

It was so nice having her here.

She made dinner every night.

She entertained my babies.

She changed poopy diapers.

She did some laundry.

She did some babysitting so we could go out just the two of us. 

She did some early morning wake-ups so that mommy could sleep in.

She took Jasper on a nightly walk. (She's a good doggy Gramma too!)

We did lots of talking.

Some ice cream eating.

Some playground playing.

I cried when she left. 

Well, not really. But almost.

 I have the world's greatest mom.

She likes to talk movies.

She likes to try new restaurants.

She puts dead mice in Chinese food containers.

She's a funny gal.

 She's a good listener.

She keeps me grounded when I go into crazy mode.

She's friendly.

And compassionate.

She makes the world's best lemon meringue pie (or so I've been told).

 She's a wonderful mother, and a good example to me.

And I am so lucky to have her.

The only bad part of her visit, was that it was too short.

Thanks for everything, Mom.

We love you!


Kiraa said...

She is a very nice lady. I'm glad to say she's my friend.

Thrice Blessed said...

I love Maddox's jammies! So cute!