Trying to get a "good" picture of both of my boys at the same time: FAIL.

I ordered personalized shirts for the boys before Mason was born. The shirts have their first initials, then Maddox's says "big brother" and Mason's says "little brother". I have been wanting to get a good picture of them wearing their matching shirts, so last week, I gave it my best attempt. It didn't really help that Maddox had a cold.

A forewarning: this post has lots of pictures. But I couldn't make up my mind which ones to post. As far as not-quite-what-I-was-going-for-but-pretty-laughable, they were all winners.

Squished Mason.

Faces only a mother would love.




Hitting my brother.

Mason's revenge.

Sitting on the baby (and Daddy coming to the rescue)

These next pictures were the best I was able to get. Some of them aren't too bad. Both of my babies are just so adorable!  I love them to pieces. The bottom two are my fave.

Maddox's most cooperative picture, and Mason wasn't in the frame.


Mom said...

LOVE the pics. Hilarious! I laughed out loud at your comments. You can almost imagine what mason is thinking. They are both just perfect. What a blessing!

Tara said...

You have 2 beautiful boys! So cute! I do really like all of the good ones at the end. But, I also like the one titled "Hitting my brother.". I don't think it looks like he is hitting him, and I love the smile on Maddox's face. Miss you!

Maria said...

Lindsey! your boys are so handsome! I just love them! I wish our kids could meet someday. Hope all is well with you.