I am totally enamored with my newest little boy.

He is the sweetest thing since hot fudge sundaes. With whip cream. And a cherry.

Every little almost-sneeze and hungry-little-piglet grunt just turn my heart into mush.
He is too perfect for words.

Looking into his little eyes, while he gazes at my forehead (that seems to be where his eyes are drawn to the most), is the best feeling. There is nothing like becoming acquainted with a new little soul. Getting to know this little being. Feeling an ethereal connection to this tiny person you have only known for a month and have never had a conversation with. It's is one of the most precious parts of motherhood.

Looking at him makes my heart ache. I am already yearning for these days of baby-ness, even as these days are still here. Today he is but one month old. Tomorrow he will still be one month old. Next week, he will still be one month old. But one day, he won't be. And it will happen too quickly. In the blink of an eye. Far before I am ready.

So for now, I am trying to live in the moment. Not think too far ahead. To soak in as much of Mason's babyhood as I can.

I still have today to hold him as he sleeps on my chest, his little fingers wrapped around mine and his tiny little legs tucked under his tush, so that only his feet stick out. I still have today to breathe in the sweet smell of his milky breath and rub my cheek against his velvety hair. I still have today to kiss his rounded chin, stroke his chubby cheeks, and rock him in my arms.

But soon, these days will vanish.

Sweet Mason,

I love having you in our family. You are far more perfect than I could have dreamed. I could not imagine life without you here. Looking at you tugs on my heartstrings. Just one of your smiles is worth more than all the riches this world holds. My heart overflows with love for you, little boy.
Always know that I will love you unconditionally, and wish for you every dream your heart desires. I can not wait to see what God has in store for you!

With love.
Your Mama

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Grandma Kathy said...

He is changing! I know you and Matt are enjoying him completely. He is as handsome as his big brother. Grandpa and I are looking forward to our visit next month! We love you to the moon and back Mason and Maddox! Hugs and Kisses!