Big Brother Update

We went out for dinner with our friends, Rob and Nina last night. They are the ones with the new (now 2 month old) baby. Dinner took a little longer than usual and by the time we got home it was just after Maddox's bed time. Rob and Nina came up for a few minutes, and I took the opportunity to hold Baby Graham again.
Maddox was perfect! He was interested in Graham (especially in his feet, eyes and binky) but would soon be distracted by a toy or our visitors. At one point, he came over to me and held his arms out as if he wanted to hold the baby. I helped him onto the couch next to me, and then kind of propped Graham against Maddox's chest. Maddox looked at Graham and, with some encouragement, gave him a hug and a kiss. I was so proud of him! It only took him about 15 seconds to be bored of holding him, but that's expected.
I was so happy that even though it was past his bed time, Maddox didn't cry or act out or do anything remotely displaying jealousy or anger. He might enjoy being a big brother after all! I am definitely feeling encouraged.

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