Baby Mase in 3D

(Sidenote: What do you think of the nickname/shortened version of Mason I am trying out? I kinda like it)

We had a 3d ultrasound done today. Actually, we had a 3d ultrasound done on Saturday, but baby boy (aka Mase) wasn't in a picture-taking mood so we had to reschedule. Today turned out to be no different than our first attempt. All I wanted was one little glimpse of our precious new son, but I guess that was just too much to ask of him. He is pretty low-lying now (in a head-down position), and his head is wedged in pretty tight. In addition, he insisted on having his hands in his face for the majority of the time, as well as his head tipped back, making the top half of his face unsee-able. In other words, his position couldn't have been much worse.

But that's okay, he wants to be a suprise. I am sure he is more adorable and wonderfully kissable than I can even try to imagine.

Here are the best shots we got of Mason in all his chubby-cheeked gloriousness.   

 You can see the four fingers of his right hand up by his cheek, with a little snippet of nose.

Again, his hand (on the left) and arm going across the bottom of his face, and his nose just visible above his hand and mouth.

 This is the back of his head, I like it because you can see his little ear, and it looks like he has some hair around the base of his skull.

Here we see his neck and chin, and his mouth is just barely visible. Again, that is his hand under his chin. I definitely think he has the same chin as Maddox!

You can see his nose and left cheek, as well as his clenched fist (on the right).

Here is the most clear shot we got of his face. We can only see his cheeks, cute plump lips and nose. Another arm blocking his chin, and the top of his head is hidden.

It's hard to get a good idea of what he may look like from these pictures, but to me it looks as if he has the same chin as Maddox (from the Osborn side) possibly the same nose (unsure whose nose that is), but a different shaped mouth (I think it looks like Matt's). From his 20 week ultrasound, I could tell that his eyes/brow-bone is a different shape as well. Maddox has Matt's brow-bone, and it looks as if Mason does not.

For those keeping track, I am also guessing he will be bigger, around 9 lbs (and a couple ounces), and will be born around August 16th or 17th.

It's fun to try and guess what he will look like, and imagine the ways in which he will look like his brother and the ways in which he will differ, but ultimately, it doesn't matter what he looks like or who he takes after, because I know that he will be beautiful.

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Grandma Kathy said...

Yes, he will be beautiful! We can't wait to meet him! Thanks for sharing. Anxious to see you guys in a few weeks! Take Care.
Love, Gpa and Gma Becker