9 Month Check Up and Routine Stuff

Maddox went to the doctor on Monday for his 9 month visit.

Weight: 22 lbs, 11 ounces, 75-90th percentile
Height: 28 1/2 inches - 75-90th percentile

He has gotten longer and leaner in the past few months. But, he is still squishy and cuddly, and cute as ever! Maddox also managed to turn on the water faucet and soak the counter in the doctor's office, followed by Dr. King also spraying water on the counter and floor. It was quite a sight, and pretty funny. He also got a flu shot (the one without thimerosal), but didn't cry at all. Not one little bit. I was so proud.

The past couple nights he hasn't been sleeping as well, I don't know if he is cutting more teeth, or just having some trouble getting back into his routine after a hectic last week or so.

Speaking of routine, he has a great one! It truly is amazing how well children thrive on routine. I have found that to be true both as a nanny and a mommy. They seem to be better behaved, they sleep better and are more pleasant to be around in general. Plus, having a good routine helps me to be more organized and keep on top of daily requirements like naps, eating and bathtime.

Maddox's daily schedule
7:30am - wake up, if he isn't stirring I will usually get him up.
8:30pm - 10:30pm - morning nap
11:00am - outting (this is usually when we run errands or go to the park etc)
1:30pm - 3:30pm - afternoon nap
7:30pm - bathtime
8:30pm - bed time

It isn't too rigid, the times usually fluctuate 15 or 30 minutes on a daily basis, depending on when he got up, how long he naps etc. Eating seems to be less and less on a schedule lately. That is one area we are still working on!

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