Four Generations of Fred

We were in Iowa last week and got to spend time with both of our families. Here are my favorite moments from the week.

Little Man and the Coug

Tuckered out

AND . . . 
That's four generations of Fred. William Fred Becker (Great-Grandpa), Jeffrey Fred Becker (Grandpa), Matthew Fred Becker (Daddy) and Maddox Fred Becker (Bubba)!

Here he is with Great-Grandpa Bill. 

Maddox has three great-grandparents. I can't wait for him to meet his Great-Grandpa Eddie and Great-Grandma Shirley next month!

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Anonymous said...

So happy you were able to spend that time in Iowa! The generation pictures you took will become even more valuable over time. Maddox = perfection.... Love Ya, Lynette