16 Weeks

Sorry it took me so long to get this up! We were in Iowa this week, so this picture was taken a little late . . . oh well! Maddox is 16 weeks and almost 4 months old!

*We are still working on rolling over, sitting up, and standing on his feet.
*He is loving tummy time.
*LOVES to grab everything he can: toys, pacifier, faces, and his own clothes.

Madman got some new rattles this week. Fruits and Veggies! They are so cute and lots of fun.

Pears. Yuck! (hopefully not his real opinion!)

Love my strawberry!

Reaching for a pea pod

The whole gang
(pear, carrot, peas, strawberry, watermelon slice)

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Mom said...

Those toys look really cute and it looks like Maddox enjoys the fun colors and different texture. So glad he is enjoying them. It was such fun spending time with all of you....LoVe, lOvE, LOVE!