IOWA - at least some of it . . .

We spent last week in Iowa, Maddox got to see all of his Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas. We stopped by the workplaces of Grandpa Jeff (florist), Grandma Kathy (community college), and Grandma Lark (vet clinic). Hopefully Maddox will never see the inside of Grandpa Ray's workplace! (Prison)

Joel spent all week with Maddox, but didn't decide to hold him until our last day there!


 We also got a picture of Jasper sitting on the couch with Maddox.

Caught mid lick.

Uncle Evan was very helpful. He helped with bathtime every night, learned how to carry him when he is fussy, and was always wanting to hold him. He also started calling himself the "uncle who actually loves Maddox" (because of Joel's reluctance to hold him.)

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