According to the Doctor . . .

Maddox is a big, healthy boy! He had his 2 month check-up today. And according to the nurses he is a gorgeous baby with "cute rolls" and one nurse even said "we all love his name around here!" So that all felt pretty good!

He weighs 15 pounds 6 ounces and is over the 95th percentile for weight.
He is 23 1/4 inches long and in the 55th-60th percentile for height.
His head is right in the middle as well.

He had an oral vaccine, and 3 shots. Here are a couple of his battle wounds.

He cried during the shots, but recovered pretty quickly. I had a bottle for him, so that helped.

He did not like when Dr. King felt (squished) his abdomen and rotated his legs, looked in his ears, and listened to his heart. He cried pretty loudly. But then the doctor played with him for a minute, and his frowns turned into smiles and almost laughter. Not quite. But close. Then he just kept staring at Dr. King like he was his best friend.

Everything looked great, he is happy and healthy! Dr. King did mention Maddox's "triple chin" and made sure that I knew to wash it under there so he doesn't get a rash. (Which I have been doing!)

Here are a couple before and after pictures for comparison.

Before the shots              After the shots

Before                                After

Not much of a difference. Guess he made it through.

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