New Stroller

Grandma and Grandpa Becker purchased the newest addition to Baby Becker's slowly growing conglomeration of gear. A new stroller! It's a stroller that I have used with three of the families I have worked for (1 in Iowa, 2 in Chicago). I LOVE IT. Very easy to handle, great shocks, it really seems to roll itself. The front wheel rotates 360* but can also be locked into place for jogging (which Matt liked). There is an adaptor to attach a car seat while the baby is still little, and a nice-sized storage bin on the bottom. Plus, it folds up really easily. It's the number one rated stroller among moms in the city for manuevering grocery store aisles, crowds, etc, and it's versatile enough to go from sidewalks to hiking trails. If you can't tell, I am so excited to own one of these bad boys! Thank you so much Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Jeff!
We decided to go with the chocolate and blue model. We thought the blue was girly enough to work for a little girl too, in case one should come along.

The B.O.B. "Revolution"

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Mom O said...

Wow! Love the stroller. Isn't it funny what things get you excited as an adult. You are so blessed to have so many nice things to begin this new adventure with. That will really come in handy in the big city! Love you all