24 Weeks!

How far along: 24 Weeks! It seems like the weeks are just flying by all of the sudden!
Total weight gain/loss: 5-6 pounds, depending on the day.
Maternity clothes: Yes! I have gotten a couple more things, it's all I wear now.
Stretch marks: None yet, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Sleep: good.
Best moment this week: I went to a thrift store with my friend Malary, and they had all of their children's books 10 for a $1! I have really been trying to stock up on books. I love them!
Movement: Yesiree!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: I think I have had a couple contractions, I can't feel them, so I can't be sure. But my stomach will get really tight every once in awhile.
Belly Button: Still in! But definitely a little more stretched than normal.
What I miss: Nothing! I love being pregnant! Second trimester is the best.
What I am looking forward to: Our doctor's appointment next week. It's really wierd to think that in 5 more weeks I will be going to see the Doctor every two weeks!
Milestones: According to my baby books, he is just over a pound and a half now, and over a foot long. His lungs are developing the stuff (surfactant)they will need to be able to expand with his first breaths in the outside world. His inner ear is fully developed now, so he has a sense of balance, as well as being able to take in all kinds of sounds from the outside.

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Jamie said...

Awesome book deal...was that a place in Chicago?? We already have tons of books but you can never have too many!