22 Weeks

22 Weeks, I had just eaten, so a little bigger than usual!

I just finished up week 22, and starting week 23! The baby is as active as ever, sometimes the squirming seems constant! Other days he's a little quieter. Maybe he has adsorbed some of these pregnancy hormones and is having mood swings like his mama! Who knows. Here is the update on the past week.

How far along: 22 Weeks and 1 Day.
Total weight gain/loss: Still about 2-3 pounds gained.
Sleep: Still sleeping well, but it is getting a little more challenging to find a comfortable position. I could not sleep without my two pillows. One more would be ideal!
Latest Symptoms: Nothing too severe. A little nausea around noonish most days and I can't be too sure, but sometimes my feet and ankles look just a little bit puffy.
Best moment this week: Seeing all of our family back in Iowa and showing them our newest ultrasound pictures.
Movement: Good! Very strong little legs, Matt says he is going to be a soccer player.
Food cravings: not really . . . most things just don't sound very good.
Gender: BOY.
What I am looking forward to: Three more weeks and Baby Boy will have an 80-90% chance of survival if he were to come early for some reason. That's the week they say is a major milestone.
Milestones: Finally a foot long and more than halfway to his birth length! He does however, still need to gain almost 8 times more weight than his current 1 pound (or so). Right about now, he looks like a giant raisin; since he has most of his skin, but no fat to fill it out. Come on little boy! We are hoping for a chubby chunker!

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you look adorable!!! love and kisses