A Bed for Baby Becker

So we ordered a crib today! We did a swap with my mom, the cavalier for a crib. My parents are buying my old car for my brother to drive, and instead of paying with cash they are paying with the purchase of my favorite crib and a mattress to go along with it! The value of the crib is a little higher than the value of the car in my opinion, so it was part generosity as well! I am so excited! I absolutely LOVE the crib we picked out. Here is a picture in case you forgot:

The crib converts to a toddler bed and eventually an adult queen size bed. The brand is Baby Appleseed, in case anyone wants one for themselves!
It may not arrive until as late as early November, which is the estimated ship date. However, a customer service lady told me that orders are only taking about 8-9 weeks to fill right now. So we could get in early September. Good thing we got it ordered when we did!
Thanks again Grandma Lark! Little Baby Becker will be able to sleep soundly in a sturdy, beautiful bed!

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