20 Week Ultrasound

Yesterday was our twenty week ultrasound! We were able to see the little monkey moving around. It even had the hiccups at one point. So cute!
Unfortunately the baby was laying in an unphotogenic position, so we weren't really able to get a good picture to show off. We have a couple, but they aren't real clear. The ultrasound technician even had me lay on my side for ten minutes hoping the baby would move, but it just wasn't copperating!
However, all the measurements were good, the heart looked normal! There were kidneys, a bladder, a brain, ribcage, umbillical cord, arms, legs, hands, eyes, nose, mouth, and of course the little spot between the legs. We were able to get a clear shot of that area, so we found out what we are having! And we couldn't be more excited. Stay tuned for further information . . .

Front View

Side View

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Jamie said...

Come on! You really think my stupid preggy brain can figure that out! Oh man...