Milo at Four Months

I am just loving this age. 

And, though I do miss the sleepy, snuggling slug stage, I am glad to be past the fussy, crying in the evenings, screaming in the car seat, up every hour stage. All that to say: he is finally sleeping 3-5 hour stretches at night! And he no longer cries the entire time he is in the car! And he goes to bed with only a little fussing. All good things.

(His morning stretch. Just perfection.)

Everything is just so much fun with Milo right now. He is still cuddly and snuggly, and doesn't yet move when I put him down somewhere. But he is so much more alert, and just so smiley!

He is a more sensitive little guy. He doesn't like a lot of loud noises, too much commotion, being too roughed-up by his brothers, or the occasional stranger talking to him a little too much. He has opinions. A lot like Maddox as a baby.

But he is also very happy. He has an easy smile. And is becoming very social. Which reminds me of Mason as a babe.

He loves to "talk" so much. Cooing and squealing are more common place than crying these days. And he is starting to giggle more and more. Not quite a full on belly-laugh, but just enough of a chuckle to melt my heart.

He had his four moth checkup this week. He weighs 18lbs 5oz, and is 25.5in long. Such a chunk. 

I'm so glad he's healthy. Poor baby hated being examined and having his shots. It's hard on a mama.

He is getting really good at gripping his toys! Usually with two hands, but sometimes only one. He hasn't found his feet yet though.

He's getting better with tummy time, still doesn't love it though. And not interested in rolling over yet. He has too much watching to do, with his crazy brothers running around.

I am so in love with this little dude. I feel like I finally know him. His likes and dislikes. His personality. He just feels like mine. And that's a good feeling. 

I love you sweet baby Milo. More than you will ever know.

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