Halloween 2015

We got one big pumpkin to share this year. Maddox loved pulling all the slimy stuff out of the pumpkin. Mason wasn't so sure. 

The boys each picked a superhero symbol that they wanted on the pumpkin. Maddox chose green lantern, Mason chose Batman, and Mason chose Flash for Milo. 

didn't have the time or energy to do homemade costumes this year. Mason wanted to be Flash, Maddox wanted to be Captain America, and so I picked up a Superman onesie for Milo and called it good. Love those super boys!

There will be years where I have more capacity for creative, unique costumes. But not this year. 
Maddox had a Halloween party at school. I was able to be there to help out, which I loved. 

We were also invited to a Halloween Party at Moody Church. The boys had a lot of fun playing games and jumping in the bounce house, and eating their first cotton candy.

And of course we did some major trick or treating. Mason refused to approach the especially spooky homes, or people handing out candy that were dressed a little too convincingly. There was a joker costume that he found quite intimidating. I just love that his bold and fearless personality also comes with a tender heart. All in all, I'd say this halloween was a pretty good one. Especially with this crew. 

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