Holiday Train

This was our second year riding the Holiday train. It's a special CTA train that goes all around the city on every line on different days. There is only one, so you have to look online to find out when it will be where.

The boys were excited! We first took the train downtown to catch the Holiday train on it's way back north.

We were a little early, so Maddox watched the screen, eagerly counting down the minutes until it's expected arrival.

It was a little chilly, but they were troopers.

It was all worth it, seeing their joy when the train pulled into the station, carrying Santa.

Inside the train were all sorts of lights and decorations, including Christmas patterns on the fabric of the seats, North Pole themed advertisements, holiday music, and elves handing out candy canes.

It was also a very crowded ride, but they didn't seem to notice. 

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