Tantrums, cuddles and funny faces

The days have been slipping away this summer. Mason will be TWO in a couple of days. My babies are growing. 

He has mastered two (among many others) things. 

The temper tantrum, complete with a the most pathetic pouty lip, and angry exclamations of "Hey!" and heartbreaking puppy dog whimpers. He has us all wrapped around his pinching little fingers (another Mason specialty).

And the cuddle.

He is the most affectionate little Bug. And quite a mommy's boy. He refuses to let Matt put him in bed. If Matt asks to if daddy can put him in bed, Mason responds "no! Mommy hold you in the chair!" ("Hold you" really means "hold me"). 

He loves to lay his head on my chest, or anywhere there is exposed skin, and squeeze the backs of my arms with my hands. He is very touch oriented. Future wife, take note.

Maddox on the other hand . . . 

. . . has mastered the art of silly. He enjoys making us laugh and doing things for a humorous reaction. He says "mommy look!" or "watch this!" ten times a day.

He is equal parts serious and silly. It will be so interesting to see his personality continue to develop, and see which trait becomes more dominant.

He has also become quite adept at making new friends. Every time we go to the park he meets a new play mate. He will say "mommy, I met a friend!" and play as if they have always known each other. His friendliness is a joy to see.

This is where we are right now. Living in the silly, cuddly, frustrated moments, taking it one day at a time. Embracing the snuggles and navigating the struggles. 

I still feel pretty lucky to be the mama of these two little guys.

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