It's been awhile!

 Hello there! It's been awhile! Do you even recognize us anymore?

I apologize that I haven't updated the blog for several months, I have been busy with two craaaazy boys. Any spare moments I have are few and far between, and are usually reserved for eating, exercising, or time with Matt.

I don't even shower alone these days.

 Mason is non stop. All day long. If he isn't sleeping, he's moving. His fortes are climbing and mess-making.

Maddox is a very mild child. He is sensitive and tender, and generally content to play games on my phone, work a puzzle, or take some pictures.

I feel like I have finally have some time to catch up a bit, and I have a lot to get caught up on! I plan to do that over the next couple of weeks, but I will be dating my posts back when the pictures were taken, so check for updates below this post.

 Mason has changed a lot since turning one . . .

And Maddox is really becoming his own small person. He has thoughts and ideas about everything these days.

 I can't wait to share everything with you!

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