I have been feeling very emotional tonight. Watching videos of the boys will do that. I start to feel that regret seep in, the regret of not spending each waking moment soaking in these precious days, wishing I was taking more pictures, more video, knowing that someday soon they will be grown and those few moments captured will be all I have left of their childhood.

I wish I could bottle Maser up and stop him from growing. It's happening too fast. He is changing too quickly, becoming a boy too fast. He is so perfectly sweet right now, I want it to last a bit longer. He loves to jump, climb, say "batman!", play peekaboo, ring around the rosy, and sing "Frosty the Snowman". But before I can capture these moments, he is on to something else. But those little moments are magical.

It's hard being a mother. Hard to make it through the long days, and even harder to let them go.

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