Mason's 1st Birthday

I can't believe Mason is already 1. The time just seems to slip away these days. Mason's birthday was on a Wednesday this year, right in the middle of the week. We didn't make any plans to be in Iowa and we didn't have any family visiting. So Matt took the day off so we could spend it together as a family.  I think we decided that Matt will always take the day off to make the boys' birthdays extra special from now on.

We started the day by greeting Mason with "Happy Birthday". Matt, Maddox and I all went into his room when he woke up and sang to him. He was a little startled but loved it. (We had been practicing singing "Happy Birthday" before the day arrived so that Maddox could join in the song. But Maddox preferred to sing it to himself - "happy birthday dear Maddox" instead of Mason, but Mason was none the wiser.)

Then we had a breakfast of crepes and strawberries.

We went for a (2mile) jog to Evanston to visit the pet store and stop at a little toy store to pick out some things for Mason's birthday and then rode the train home.

Mason opened his gifts after his afternoon nap. He got a new puzzle, a wooden ring stacking toy, a red ball, a couple of books (Goodnight Moon and The Big Red Barn), and a new bedtime lovie (an elephant) to sleep with. And of course a big bug balloon, for a little bug.

Maddox loved each and every gift. We have read the new books, done the new puzzle, he prefers Mason's ball to his own, and it was Maddox who eventually played with the balloon until it deflated.

Mason got a birthday kiss at 4:28pm, the time of his birth. Which he was thrilled about.

And after dinner we headed to the park for a fire jam with some friends.

We had the Bottomlys (Zak and Jessica with Adley and Banner), the Gerdels (Kez and Adam with Isaac and Israel), the Dekkers (Erin and Matt with Gavin), the Sweetmans (Matt and Heather with Jones, Macrae and Paisley), the Marins (Nicolas and Kelly with Clara) and Jim Surber and his girlfriend Christie (From Matt's office). It was lots of fun to have all of our friends to help us celebrate little Mase.

He was spellbound when everyone sang to him

We brought cupcakes from Phoebe's. My favorite. And Mason's too, apparently.

He really only ate about a third of his cupcake. And really didn't get too messy.

He was more interested in playing with the other kiddos and running around like a maniac. And wandering onto the blankets of neighboring strangers. He seemed especially drawn to one particular couple with tattoos and dreadlocks. 

I wasn't very good about taking pictures of all of our friends . I really need to be better about that!

Here's Macrae Sweetman after enjoying his egg-free cupcake, which I made especially for him.

 Maddox and Gavin enjoying their red velvety goodness.

Maddox finished his cupcake and the rest of Gavin's. He has Daddy's sweet tooth for sure.

Jessica and Adley Bottomyl (and Banner in the background with her head cut off).

I did manage to take a few pictures of the actual Fire Jam, which we only saw about half an hour of. It was getting late and already past bedtime.

I loved the relaxing day with the fam, and the casual get together we had with our friends. It was a perfect way to celebrate our little Mason. We love you birthday boy!

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Gramma Lark said...

Thanks for that update. Now I feel like I was there for the whole thing! so sorry we weren't there for such a special day. LOVE that boy. Happy Happy birthday MASON! OXOX