Second (and third) Christmas

We spent Christmas weekend in Iowa, and had so much fun with our family. Since we had a family Christmas with just the four of us on the 17th, we were spoiled by having two, really three, different Christmases. The boys made out like bandits. All three of 'em.

We spent Christmas Eve and early Christmas morning at my parents' house. We had lots of fun playing cards (Kelsey and Alex dominated Matt and I at spades), playing Taboo (kelsey's friend Josh was on a team with my dad, Matt and Alex. He had to describe Wonderbra. Which he did. Like a pro. And my dad was the one who guessed it.), and of course eating lots of yummy food. 

Then we headed to Fort Dodge and spent Christmas Day with Matt's family. We had a chance to take a family photo of everyone. We hadn't done that since Mandy's wedding. Pretty soon there will be another little baby boy in the family. It's going to be chaos. In a good way.

Maddox is finally at an age where he will sit on Great Grandpa Bill's lap. It helps that Bill usually has candy in his pockets. He is just tickled whenever Maddox will sit with him.

It only took three Christmases and a birthday, but Maddox finally realized that there is usually something exciting in all that shiny paper!

Mason still doesn't get it. Maybe next year buddy.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, and it always goes so quickly. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with love and peace. And little ducks in boats.

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