The soundtrack of our lives, as of late.

We listen to a lot of music during the day. While I'm doing chores we will have it on in the background. When Maddox needs to burn some energy we will crank it up a little and have a mini dance party. When Maddox is napping in his room and Mason is sleeping in his bassinet and I am relaxing (blog, Facebook, crosswords, napping, eating lunch etc), I will play some quiet music. It drowns out a bit of the city noise.

The songs we listen to are very eclectic and always revolving. I thought it would be fun to share what we have been listening to lately. Someday, maybe Maddox will read this blog find a song that we used to listen to, listen to it, and think "that sounds familiar, and kind of reminds me of my childhood". Maybe not. But I thought it would be fun to remember. I included a few videos just so you can get a taste.

New Kids on the Block - Summertime

New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys - Don't Turn Out the Lights

Justin Bieber (don't judge me) - Pray and Next To You (yes, two different songs)

Gungor - Beautiful Things, Dry Bones, The Fall, and When Death Dies

Bon Iver - For Emma and Skinny Love

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