His First Week

This past week has been a dream.

We have already learned so much about our newest son.

Mason is the easiest, sweetest, cuddliest baby.

His quiet, little cries can only be heard if he has a bubble in his tummy, and occasionally with a soiled diaper. Other than that, he is a very content little guy.

But quite gassy.

When he is awake, he looks around, makes faces, hiccups the most adorable, high-pitched little hiccups, and is content to just be.

When he is hungry, he grunts.

He loves being swaddled or worn in my wrap. 

Riding in the car always lulls him to sleep.

He sleeps best in my arms or on my chest. If he is having trouble settling down, I have only to pick him up, and within moments he is asleep.

He sleeps like a champ.

He will sleep through sirens, the vacuum, and one very noisy 19 month old.

He nurses like a champ.

He has eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth, fingers, toes, and a belly button. As noted by his older brother.

He also has a great tolerance for bumps, pokes, prods, big smushy hugs and smothering kisses.

He has long fingers and toes.

I think his eyes will be hazel or brown.

I think his belly button may be an outtie. Update: It's an innie.

He has a small birthmark on his right leg and a stork-bite on his neck.

He has a beautiful, fuzzy head of brown hair, fuzzy ears, and sweet little sideburns.

 He smiled the day he was born, and every day since.

We are totally and completely enamored with our second born son. He is more than I could have hoped for. I wondered how life would be with another baby to love, and wondered if I would have the same love for him as I do for my first child.

But now that he is here, it's like a void that we didn't know existed, has been filled. Like he has always had a place in our family, even before we knew we were expecting.

And now that he is here, I can't imagine life without him. We love you, sweet Mason.


Courtney said...

He is gorgeous! I am jealous, I want mine in my arms. Sound like you hit the jackpot in getting a laid back baby. I have a feeling my little girl may be a bit high maintenance.

I found your blog on blog frog and am a new follower! I cant wait to read more :)

Grandma Kathy said...

I can tell Maddox is going to be a great big brother! The way he stayed still for your pictures with Mason!Mason has changed so much already! We are very blessed to have two wonderful grandsons!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo SWEET!!! Thanks for the update Lindsey I'm sure your free time is limited. Love to all, Lynette