12 Months

Maddox has made it through his first year! Not that I worried he wouldn't, but we are so glad that he is a healthy, happy (albeit sometimes moody) little boy.

*He is eating more solid foods, but we are still working on getting him to eat more. He hasn't been gaining weight like he should, so we are making table food more of a priority.
*He is only waking up once at night!
*Is so close to walking! But not quite yet.

*Can wave "bye bye!"
*Can go up and down stairs.
*Loves to look at his books, especially animal books with real pictures. He even knows two animals by name: puppy, and gorilla. He can't say them, but he knows what they mean!
*Also knows the words "bye bye", "hungry", "dance", "daddy", and "Jasper".

*He is 30" tall - 75th percentile
*Still around 22 pounds - 50th percentile. But we are going back in a month to check his weight again.
*Wearing size 4 diapers and size 18 month clothes.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!
I love the new layout....the pictures of Maddox are so good they capture his many expressions...I can almost feel the way he looks! So toddler looking in the last one. Love to all~~~~~Lynette